Top product categories and shops on Facebook in Vietnam

zFashion, Shoes, Accessories, Cosmetics and Food & Drinks are top product categories of Vietnamese online shopping at Facebook.

Top product categories on Facebook (Q&Me)

According to Q&Me, Clothes are the most popular as 51% male and 71% female has bought it. In addition, men have purchased more IT products, while women are on fashion, cosmetics, and food.

I. Fashion

If you ask any girl/ woman who is using Facebook to introduce you a fashion shop, she will definitely tell you not only one but a list of clothes shops on Facebook. Those shops are being run by individuals or companies. Clothes are the hot product at Facebook, but the competitiveness is relatively high as a variety of price and styles. These are some popular shops who have a lot of followers (mostly women) to illustrate the popularity of fashion shopping on social network in Vietnam. Everything they did is doing social marketing activities. Those shops get order via Facebook messenger/Zalo and at stores.

Example 1: Oversized shop

Like and Follow: More than 700,000

Activities: Sales off, quick reply, update new collection, special programs for membership, hashtag. Facebook Messenger is the main tool for customer service.

Offline stores: 4 stores in Ho Chi Minh City

Price: 200,000VND~800,000 VND

Website: Link

Facebook: Link

Order: Send message to fanpage admin or comment the post. Purchase at stores.

Oversized shop

Example 2: Kissy shop

Like and Follow: More than 900,000

Activities: Sales off, quick reply, update new collection, livestream on Facebook and images on Instagram

Offline stores: 16 shops

Price: 200,000VND~800,000 VND

Facebook: Link

Order: Send message to fanpage admin or comment the post. Purchase at stores.

Kissy shop

Example 3: Yame

Like and follow: nearly 2.5 million

Products: T-shirts/Shirts/Jeans and other accessories for men and women

Price: 70,000VND ~ 1,000,000 VND

Store: 37 stores (in the South of Vietnam)

Social media activities: mini games, sales, album of new collection, etc

Website:  Link

Facebook:  Link

Order: Purchase at stores or send message at Facebook.

II. Shoes

Shoes/Sneakers/ Sandals are the hot item on Facebook. There are many shoe shops at Facebook who have variety of price, shoe design and sizes. In this article, domestic shoe shops and domestic shoe brands are criticized. While the top shoe shops run by individuals can have more than a hundred thousand followers, the domestic brands can possess millions of followers. The product origin of individual stores may be Made in Vietnam, or China, and other countries. However, more Vietnamese people prefer Made in Vietnam shoes/sneakers because of the reasonable price and quality.

Study case: Juno is one of shoe brands who made successful marketing on social media, then gained the increase in sales revenue. Good price and quality are one of the main reasons for their success. The price of Juno products is 200,000 VND (nearly $10) ~ under 1,000,000 VND (nearly $50). In addition, managers of Juno decided to use Facebook, Instagram and other social tools to launch their image and promotion programs. This decision made a good result in both financial goal and marketing goal. For instance, they made a successful campaign in 2018. The campaign took place in the last days of March, with the launch of a new product “Giày chống ế” (Anti-being single) through clips introducing the features and uses of shoes that attracted strong attention from the online community. Although this was only a small step for the Big Summer sale program on the occasion of April’s season, it was quickly in the ranking of the most prominent social networking campaigns in March 2018. Users share the use of “Chống Ế” shoes and show their desire to own these special shoes as well as to buy gifts for friends.  As a result, many positive comments were posted on Juno’s fanpage. This campaign was listed as one of the impressive campaigns at Buzzmetrics (Mar 2018).  At present, Juno’s products range from shoes, sneakers to bags, purse.

Website: Link

Facebook: Link

Top marketing campaign in Vietnam in March 2018 (Buzzmetrics)

III. Smartphone Accessories

There are many reasons for popularity of smartphone accessories sold at Facebook. From the Sellers’ point of view, firstly, selling smartphone Accessories do not require much initial financial investment. Secondly, the sources of materials are easy to search and contact such as big market, whole sales stores or materials imported from China or Thailand; then sellers can design and improve their products to be appealing to consumers. Because the Vietnamese law for copyright/ Intellectual property right has not been strict yet, sellers use the design of big brand or characters frequently to meet customer preferences. However, from the buyers’ point of view, they like use smart phone cases with cute or special images to not only protect their beloved smartphone but also show their characteristics. In addition, the price is reasonable, ranging from 50,000 VND (more than $2) to 500,000 VND (around $25). These are the reasons why the demand of smartphone accessories is still high, especially when buyers are teenagers and young girls.

Hyhy shop

Facebook (Hyhy shop): Link

i.AM shop

Facebook (i.AM shop): Link

IV. Cosmetics

According to VietNamNet Bridge, Vietnamese spend an average of $4 a month per capita on beauty products and services.

Foreign brands are dominating the cosmetics market, especially the high-end market segment. However, while high-end products are being sold at offline stores, popular ones are being sold both online and offline shops.  A report found that 90 percent of the revenue of the cosmetics market goes into the pockets of foreign manufacturers, especially South Koreans.

Case study : Products of Innisfree or The Face Shop get the price in range 50.000VND to more than 1.000.000 VND, that makes them reach a large target customer, from low-income to lower-middle income, upper-middle income groups. Also using pure ingredients that nourish the skin, without harming the environment… to keep customer’s belief. Their products reach to customers successfully by flexible activities on social media, in particular, doing marketing campaign continuously, taking customer service well as posting and replying comments immediately, …

Innisfree Vietnam (Facebook)

Facebook (Innisfree): Link

Website (Innisfree): Link

Associating with famous beauty bloggers, KOL,… such as Changmakeup, Letsplaymakeup, Chloe Nguyen, Trinh Pham,… to promote products is also the method they’ve been doing.


Facebook (Changmakeup): Link

Besides, dosmetic cosmetic brands hold a tiny market share, manufacturing via 2 main types: handmade with low price and celebrity beauty brands.

Example 1: MOI Cosmetic by Ho Ngoc Ha (a famous Vietnamese model, pop singer, actress and entertainer)

Product: lipstick

Price: from 14$

Facebook (M.O.I Cosmetics): Link

M.O.I (Ho Ngoc Ha singer’s lipstick brand)

Example 2:  TUTAYLAMHET is  a Vietnam-based natural skincare cosmetics manufacturer and retailer with average price level.

Product: Various, cleansing foam, mask, shampoo, serum,…

Strength: they show their products’ different with other brands, and understand well what customers need in each period due to trend, weather, event, …

Tu tay lam het (handmade cosmetics)

Facebook (Tu tay lam het): Link

V. Fashion Accessories

The 5th hot item belongs to fashion accessories. Generally, as being influenced by popular fashionistas, young people are willing to pay more for fashion accessories. There are many types of accessories shops on Facebook, but they mostly sell common and low-to-medium priced items. The price ranges from 20,000 VND (nearly $1) to more than a million dongs (more than 50$). This depends on the style (ordinary or new design) and origin (Vietnam, China, Thailand etc) as well as brand names (designed and developed in Vietnam). Recently, handmade or Vietnamese designed accessories have been appreciated and welcomed by young consumers. Although it has accounted for small market share, this type of accessories are estimated to keep developing in the future. However, since consumers are still careful with online-shopping, they will go to the stores directly at the first time to experience those shops’ products and customer service before online- purchasing.  Therefore, the activities that those shops do on social network include introducing products by well-arranged photos and new collection album, promotion programs and answering customers’ questions. In fact, those shops have attracted thousands and hundred thousands of followers. As the target customers of those shops are teenagers, young women and men, the luxury brands will be expected to be unpopular in Vietnam at present.

Floralfunk (accessories shop)

Facebook (Floralfunk): Link

Website (Floralfunk): Link

The Little Owl shop

Facebook (Little Owl shop): Link

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