Study: Promotional videos on Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Tet Holiday is usually one of the best special time in a year in Vietnamese people’s mind. It is an opportunity for brands to build trust with customers as well as increase sales. Understanding consumers’ psychology and desire to reunite family or share the joy on the most special holiday of the year, many brands launched a lot of online advertising videos for Tet hit. Along with that, the rise of the video on mobile devices made the messages about Tet spread strongly.

According to Google statistics in the third quarter of 2017, the time of watching YouTube videos of Vietnamese people ranked fourth in the world. In particular, the amount of content searching for Tet holiday increased gradually by year, averaging 12-13%. More than 30 million Vietnamese people watch YouTube content on smartphones, often focusing on finding the most 5 groups of content during the Tet days including music (mostly spring music), TV shows (TV Show), comedy clips, content for children and families, and finally games.

Google announced the best Tet promotional videos that have been viewed the most in the Lunar New Year in 2018, among them many videos create a “leap” for the brand by new message transmission.

  1. “Di de tro ve 2”- Chuyến đi của năm – Soobin Hoang Son ft Biti’s brand (translated: Going far to return- Journey of the year)
  • Type: Music video
  • Content: Biti’s (a domestic sneaker, slippers, sandals brand) created success with the “Go far to return 2” MV which aimed to honor and encourage young people’s experience value but still appreciating the family reunion.
  • 2. OMO Tet 2018- Tết trọn vẹn là khi… (Tet is perfect when…)

  • Type: Promotional video

3. Knorr – Vị nào làm nên Tết? (Which taste makes Tet?)

Type: Promotional video

4. Comfort thơm mát ngất ngây, ôm đầy hương Tết

Type: Promotional video

5. Tea+

Type: Promotional video

Content: Talking about women’s concern about gaining weight on Tet Holiday, and giving solution which is Tea+ product. Starring: My Tam (famous singer)

6. Vinamilk- Ly café sữa thính- Bich Phuong

Type: Music Video

Content: Link the milk coffee in Vietnam with love. Because Tet 2018 was close to Valentine’s Day

7. Pepsi

Type: Short film

Content: Talking about family reunion and traditional value.

8. 7Up

Type: Comedy (starred: Tran Thanh and other actors)

9. Mirinda

Type: Comedy

10. Samsung

Type: Promotional video

Content: Family reunion on Tet Holiday with Samsung

It can be clearly seen that there were 5 trends of promotional videos on YouTube that attracted many viewers to the Lunar New Year 2018.

  1. Creative content combined with celebrity involvement: favorite faces such as Bich Phuong, My Tam, Soobin Hoang Son … selected by the brand in accordance with each concept and image related to characteristics brand and product.
  2. The length of ads video: Audiences take the time to enjoy “long” ads as long as they bring valuable experience. Looking at 10 video clips, the length of the ads is longer than 30 seconds which was format of ads that match content for YouTube users.
  3. Entertainment value: Viewers look for fun such as funny ads told in an interesting way because one of their main purpose for watching YouTube is for entertainment.
  4. The power of music: 4 of the 10 videos listed above had a combination of catching melodies. In addition to “valuable” insights, messages touched viewers, and music is an effective catalyst, a bridge to consumers’ hearts that any brand is aiming for.
  5. Creating atmosphere: cooking rice cakes, decorating houses or preparing meals to create Tet atmosphere for promotional videos. The festive atmosphere and moments of family gatherings are always marked in Tet ads.

These 5 trends keep remaining effectiveness when the promotional videos for Tet 2019 were made with same formula. The videos below were made on Tet 2019 and the number of views was still big.

*Music video: Funny content + Catching lyrics + Celebrity involvement


*Short film: Creative content with funny moment and touching moment + Celebrity involvement

Promotion videos: Touching content + Tet atmosphere + Touching music

Comedy: Funny and creative content (talking about just-married couple’s trouble on Tet Holiday) + Celebrity involvement ( real couple: Truong Giang and Nha Phuong)


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