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4년전 처음 보았던 그의 영상은 정말 충격적이었다. 말도 안되는 몽타주의 연속.. 분위기.. 감정.. 호흡.. 한순간도 놓칠수 없는 편집이었다.

그 이후에도 그의 비메오를 팔로우하여 제작되는 영상들을 보았다. 한 인간이 가진 감수성을 최대한 녹여 새로운 다양한 이야기를 펼쳐놓았다.

작가가 가진 감수성이 어떻게 영상에 생명을 불어 넣는지 그를 통해서 다시금 생각해보게 된다.

We all have different starting points in life. Some of us come into the world swinging from the vines while others are born into quicksand. Samsung invited me to look back on my past that I have been so good at hiding all these years to show that even against all odds you can make your dreams come true.
To every person out there with huge dreams and huge obstacles, whether you are 12-years-old or 65, black, white, rich, poor, we are all fighting something and I hope this film can inspire even just one person to push through the thick fog and persevere. You are SO capable and you should just force it to happen no matter what the weight is on your shoulders and how hopeless it seems!

Music: Doug Kaufman
Camera: Jasper Newton, Becky Preston, Matty Brown
Production Assistant: Ricky Skalisky
Interviewer: Janna Wachter

Thank you Jeff Hurlow, Marcie Quintana, Beverly Skalisky, Catherine Skalisky

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TWITTER: mattybrownfilms


I did a Vimeo commercial!

Directed, shot and edited by Matty Brown
Music by Reid Willis
Thank you Nancy Planitzer, Jeff Hurlow, Michael Clark, Andrea Allen, Janna Wachter, Stefano Davarda, Philip Thomas

There is a woman who walks through the streets randomly singing opera. Wherever she goes she is singing, sometimes under her breath, sometimes loud enough for whole blocks to hear. Some people think she is deranged, some think she is inspiring. I was compelled to sit down with her and have a short conversation about Why. I only had an hour and a half with her, but she struck a cord enough that made me buy a ticket to go see my mom, heh. I decided that I would put this online and hope to inspire people to go embrace their mothers and children. She’s also a very prime example of why not to judge people by their eccentricities.

Music by the brilliant Greg Haines “183 Times”
Filmed with a broken Canon 7D and jerry-rigged audio equipment, hehe
Directed and Edited by Matty Brown
Special thank you to Janna Wachter, Bow Jones, Steven Weinberg, Philip Thomas, and Dr. Michael Clark


I was asked to go to Basilicata, Italy to participate in a Digital Diary contest for the tourism board to show one of the most untouched parts of Italy…
It won Grand Prize in the competition.

Created by Matty Brown
Music by the amazing Reid Willis (If you like his music please contact Reid personally at That is his PayPal email too, so donate a little smoething to him! Help an unknown artist out! He deserves it!! His new album with some amazing tracks is not out yet, so contact him) The main song used in this is called “Parachute”. The first aural song is called “My Sincerity” And please donate a little something to him! He deserves it! His

Shot with the 7D
Edited with Sony Vegas

Special thank you to Nathan Miller and Jason Vo for letting me use your equipment. And a massive THANK YOU to Mikaela Bandini and Caspar Diederik; without you two this would not be possible for me. Big hugs to you guys!

Thank you Steven Weinberg for the impromptu help getting the words to go in the video! you my script doctor! haha. Without you editing my words around it would’ve been a joke, lol.

And thank you to everyone who supported me with the project! SJ Chiro, Goncalo de Almeida Costa, Steven Weinberg, Joaquin Baldwin, Brenton Perry, and the list goes on and on!


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