Impressive ads and their stories – Vietnam (2015 – 2018)


Yêu thương thành lời – Tết 2015 – Vinacafe

Loving is showed by words – Tet 2015 – Vinacafe

Tet 2015 advertising campaign of Vinacafe which is national heritage coffee brand has achieved communication efficiency far beyond expectations with impressive social effects.  500,000 produced gift boxes were sold out during the Lunar New Year 2015. All branded clips are available in Youtube Trend Dashboards.

Tet for Vietnamese is the time to connect all generations, young people with old people, children, and parents. At the same time, coffee is always in the Top 3 favorite Tet gifts, so Vinacafé decided to set foot on the hottest time of the year with the goal of becoming the first thoughtful Tet coffee brand (top-of-mind) of consumers.

The foundation of this campaign’s success stems from the expensive, implicit truth, where all the target customers of the project find themselves in it. As young people aged 18-25, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, they care about family values ​​and always seek a meaningful gift for their parents on the occasion of Tet. They really love and value their parents but feel too embarrassed to say it. In the meantime, every parent would expect their child to run, hug them and say, “I love you, I love you.” But with young people, as everyone knows that they love their parents, the more the words were gradually lost and lost. Understanding that mentality, adding truth to the industry (category truth) – Coffee is seen as a means for people to talk to each other, the big idea “Vinacafé – Cup of love” was born. “Cup of love” is a part of Vinacafé Tet gift box that young people can easily use as a gift for their parents. On each cup, Vinacafé has printed “confession words” of children. “Love confession” appreciates the love and care of parents. “Confession” is not rigid but it is expressed in the language of a young person (consumer language) such as: “My mother is always grumbled but  sacrifice all for me“, or “My father is unapproachable but always side to me when I need” … … this lovely “confession” helps young people overcome the initial hesitation when facing their parents, creating an atmosphere for them to easily store love voice.


1.”Bí quyết nuôi con phát triển toàn diện” – Phiên bản “Vợ Người Ta” – Vinamilk

“Comprehensive Development of Childhood Recipes” – Version “Vợ người ta” – Vinamilk

This video is included in the ranking of the top 10 most viewed promotional videos on Youtube in the Asia Pacific region in 2016. And up to now, its view is 178,655,535.

The success of this video comes from the effort to create the simplest approach. The music in the video is rewritten in a humorous way from a song that is very popular with the public at that time, so right from the melody was impressive. However, it’s not a mere music product, the “Comprehensive Development of Childhood Recipes” is reserved for young children’s families. Through clips, families will find a solution to childcare. Not finding all kinds of expensive foreign milk for children to drink is good for their children, finding a kind of milk that has enough nutrients, comprehensive development of physical, mental and resistance is the solution that families should

This advertisement form of Vinamilk Dielac Alpha incorporates information of products into lyrics in a clever way. Packed in just about 3 minutes, the song and scene led watchers from a familiar situation to the consideration of new products of Vinamilk Dielac Alpha as a solution to the comprehensive development of children, with keywords that attract mothers like smart, healthy and strong and increase resistance.

2. Mua hàng điện máy đến Điện máy XANH – Thế giới di động

“To buy electrical appliances – Going to Dien May Xanh” – Mobile World

Green Electronics supermarket is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Vietnam, Mobile World.

The campaign “To buy electrical appliances – Going to Dien May Xanh”  stormed all social networking forums at that time because of many aggressive PR activities, and up to now, it was impressed and memorized. After the period of using TVC to attract attention and increase brand awareness, Dien May Xanh continued to deploy brand activation by the appearance of green machine army in the central area of ​​Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The presence of the green machine army and the haunting song stirred up the community and the media. Green machine army gathered on the most special occasions of the year such as Christmas, Western New Year and bring joy to everyone, especially families with young children through funny performances that everyone can dance to.

Lessons learned:

  1. Strange, surprising and controversial advertising images.
  2. Use memorable, repetitive messages with high frequency.
  3. Take advantage of Fanpage pages with members who are able to create trends, combined using green machine army images with emerging trends to spread content on social networks.
  4. Enhance activities on own media channel, use the mini-game to create interactivity as a gift-giving contest when sending a song clip in TVC, searching for the slogan, bringing Santa “to Dien May Xanh”, …


Vũ Điệu Diệt Khuẩn – Phiên bản nhí “Bống Bống Bang Bang” – Biore

“Bactericidal Dance” – “Bong bong bang bang” child version

Advertising products are not simply introducing products to consumers, but also creating and integrating trends on social networks to attract people’s attention. “Bactericidal Dance – The child version of” Bong Bong Bang Bang “with up to nearly 40 million views shows that if a brand focuses on creating content that is suitable for community’s tastes, it will be welcomed and supported. With “Bactericidal Dance”, Bioré brand wished to become a partner with the mothers in the process of educating children about health for the skin with Shower Gel Anti Bacterial Body Foam product. Babies will be more interested in bathing, as well as being able to protect and take care of the body.

The “Bactericidal Dance” is the story of the heroic mother who kills Kiyota with great moves that protect the villagers of Ninja from colorful, repetitive bacteria. The four techniques of killing Kiyota hero with four separate colors: red, blue, blue, purple not only defeat hated bacteria but also help Ninja village always fresh and fragrant.

Bactericidal Dance” not only touch the hearts of mothers because of the cuteness but also makes the kids “crazy” with the heroic character who kills Kiyota with the Ninja moves to destroy the bacteria. A fun, easy-to-follow Ninja disguise dance gave the opportunity for the mother and children to play together, transforming into a Kiyota hero to kill bacteria, and enlist the child to clean the body. That is the reason for its view on youtube (39,784,510).


1.Ly Cà Phê Sữa Thính | MV Bích Phương Valentine 2018 – Vinamilk

“Flirting with milk coffee cup” – MV Bich Phuong Valentine 2018 – Vinamilk

This is a sweet music video for Valentine season coming from a Vietnamese brand, Vinamilk Southern Star. The cute confession in the music video “Ly Cà Phê Sữa Thính”, with the expression of singer Bich Phuong has created a spillover effect in the community and its interesting content is still mentioned until now. This is an interesting campaign by the very young transmission message, which is particularly surprising that Vinamilk used the language of the youth to promote the condensed milk industry, which is considered a product for the older people.

The big idea “Ly Cà Phê Sữa Thính” has hit insight “drop listen” of the target audience is FA, and also the keyword “hot” on social networks over time, so it is easy to create attraction and spread well for the MV.

“Ly Cà Phê Sữa Thính” music video was released with the message “Secret of the flirt, it will definitely a success for Valentine 2018”. Main media channels: YouTube (sponsors masthead homepage, buys true-view ads, video ads on Facebook, besides interactive content and KOL discussion, big fan pages, influential people combined with PR Online.

In parallel with the activities on the digital channel, the Southern Star TVC is still broadcast on TV. The number of views on youtube is currently 31,455,862 and still rising.

2. TÔI GHÉT MẸ TÔI –   Viettel

I HATE MY MOTHER! – Viettel (The emotional clip about Mom on International Women’s Day.)

Keep abreast with the slogan “Say it your way” of Viettel which is Vietnam’s largest mobile network operator, TVC affirms: “Mother always devotes her love to her children in her own way. Cherish and dedicate the best things to your mother ”, thereby emphasizing the great message “Love your way “.

TVC is based on an implicit truth about the psychology of young people and children. They always feel that their parents don’t understand anything about themselves, they don’t know what they want. The script also exploits a lot of expensive details in life: often comparing children, jealousy of friends, children who often hate their parents and say things that are not right as they think but in the depths of their senses, they understand and love their parents very much.

By selecting common problems between children and mothers, giving some of the contradictions, the stories that help watchers see a part of themselves, find the spiritual values ​​between mother and child. A lot of people will not be able to contain their emotions when they look at the final sections.

Good script, surprise, hit the right psychology with acting role of the little girl Thanh My, all contributed to the success of TVC, helping the product get a lot of positive feedback from the online community.

The advertising videos above are chosen according to the outstanding content and the article writer personally wants a diverse view of the advertised content.

Pay attention, not all the best advertising videos!!!

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