VINAMILK is a leading nutrition group in Vietnam reaching more than 31 countries and generating over USD 1,5 billion/year in revenue.

Video had been part of Vinamilk’s marketing strategy in the past, but like most brands in Vietnam, the dairy manufacturer had primarily focused its advertising offline. However, given that there are 55 million internet users nationwide — and that four of every five moms watch online videos at least once a week — Vinamilk realized that it could reach this highly-engaged audience with online video. So, Vinamilk created a strategy that would increase engagement and help drive brand awareness among Vietnamese women, especially moms.

For online videos of consumer goods, Vietnamese mothers are especially attracted by family-related content including cartoons, videos of food and drink. However, family-focused content is not much exploited in Vietnam. However, family-focused content wasn’t something the country actively produced. This gave Vinamilk an opportunity to build its video strategy around that missing content.

Playlists on Vinamilk Youtube channel

Vinamilk decided to develop attractive, family-oriented video content using 3H strategy – “Hero, Hub, Help” – a new approach.

  • Hero: Video content format is long, directing consumers attention by capturing trend content

To better interact online with Vietnamese women, Vinamilk prioritizes investment and creates videos that capture music trends and invite famous people on Youtube like actors Huynh Lap and Thu Trang, Lam Vy Da,… To ensure growth and visibility at the beginning, each piece of content (hero) is invested to run Youtube mastheads and TrueView video ads.

Bí quyết nuôi con phát triển toàn diện”

(Comprehensive child raising secrets)

Video views : 178,857,358

  • Hub: Branding based on basic content to increase consumer interest

For viewers to continue to come back more, keep the attention of mother and baby, Vinamilk has developed video series such as video series of children’s songs and the “Clean Farm” series. Because Hub content is capable of attracting more followers, Vinamilk spends less advertising on these series.

The ads of Vinamilk gradually become a friend who is always present during the meal and entertainment time of Vietnamese children.

Quảng cáo Vinamilk – Tổng hợp những quảng cáo hay nhất cho bé

(Vinamilk Advertising – Synthesis of the best ads for children)

Video views : 36,654,737

Phô mai uống SUSU mới – Cho bé thêm khỏe thêm cao

(Drinking cheese named SuSu – More healthy and higher)

Video views : 22,118,126

 Throughout the advertisements, Vinamilk always uses the image of dairy cows and children by using the legalization method to turn every dairy cow to life like a friend of children, who can speak, laugh, and have fun and singing.

Each advertisement is a song that is written to match the content, especially Vinamilk always catches the market’s tastes when always choosing songs that are loved by many children during that time. Vinamilk aims to be fun and lovely like animated films to stimulate children’s attention. Gradually, when viewers see funny cow images anywhere, they will think of Vinamilk, a clean, pure and safe milk source, giving children healthy, tall and smart.

  • Help: Educational content, help with related knowledge.

Vinamilk also creates content that provides good tips for parents. For example, the cooking series with the name Delicious food from Vinamilk to provide cooking instructions when customers need it.

Cách làm Sữa Chua Dẻo Nhiệt Đới – Món ngon từ Sữa đặc Ông Thọ

(How to make Tropical Yogurt – Delicious dish from Ong Tho Condensed Milk)

Video views : 7,903,182

Quảng cáo Vinamilk – Creamer đặc Tài Lộc – BÀN ĐÀO NGOẠI TRUYỆN

(Advertising Vinamilk – Creamer special Tai Loc – TABLE OF EXTERIOR)

Video views ; 8,561,815

Vinamilk – Community Development – Seed germination

Vinamillk’s communication strategy during the past few years is to build value for society, for the disadvantaged localities. The sense of responsibility for the community brings hope that Vinamilk still wants to build “Every child gets milk every day”.

For instance, TVC according to the format of music videos for the 40th anniversary of Vinamilk’s establishment was filmed with the main colors of white and blue costumes of children with shining eyes and brilliant smile. Meaningful and rhythmic lyrics, presented by children at famous places of the country from South to North such as Lung Cu flagpole (Ha Giang), Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hue Citadel, pictures of big mountains and rivers … Vietnam is very majestic and beautiful. All have created national pride, aspiration for the bright future of the country.

Vinamilk 40 năm – Vươn cao Việt Nam

(Vinamilk 40 years – Reaching Vietnam)

By strategically advertising on YouTube to regain initial investment costs and optimize video titles, image thumbnails, data tags (metadata) and playlists to increase natural views, Vinamilk gets YouTube subscribers to increase significantly.

By creating a clear content strategy, the Vinamilk brand has fostered the loyalty of Vietnamese mothers and young children. With the priority of Video Marketing strategy, Vinamilk has become the 1rst Southeast Asian consumer packaged goods brand to reach one million subscribers on YouTube. The channel has achieved total viewing me of YouTube up 122% with 575 million views. This suggests that creating great content speaks to the wishes and needs of audiences that can both promote public awareness and partition, especially with long videos.


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